Sibel Tarıyan Özyer, Office: L-216, E-mail: tariyan [at] 


Talha Karadeniz, Office: L-205, E-mail: talhakaradeniz [at] 

Kaan Çağhan Özaydın, Office: L-205, E-mail: caghan [at]

Course Description
This is an introductory course to Computer Programming that provides a brief insight into computers, then goes on to providing basic elements of C programming language. Syntax, statements, conditionals, loops, functions and arrays are covered. 

Text Book
C How to Program, 7/E. Deitel & Deitel. 2012, Prentice Hall. 

Reference Books
Problem Solving and Program Design in C, J.R. Hanly and E.B. Koffman, 6th Edition. 


  • Midterm 30 %
  • LabWork 30%
  • Final 40 %